To build the No. 1 block machine brand by excellent quality

Located in China, Yixin is a professional manufacturer of block making machines designed to produce a variety of concrete stones and blocks, and has been developing and producing various concrete block making equipment for over 20 years. We specialize in automatic concrete block making machines, concrete mixers, aggregate bins, pallet dispensers and concrete block molds. Using German frequency conversion technology, a stable production performance, high production efficiency and easy operation, our automatic block making machines are well known among users in construction and landscaping industries. Our machines can produce hollow blocks, solid bricks, porous bricks, and floor bricks. We also pride ourselves on comprehensive services through the entire lifespan of the concrete equipment and cooperation with us. Equipment safety s guaranteed and we welcome questions, comments or other inquires.

Main products
    1. Concrete Block Making Machine, QT5-15

      QT5-15 concrete block making machine is capable of making 5 blocks in each mold at 300 x 200 x 100mm, and the molding cycle lasts 20 seconds. The daily production output of this brick forming machine, during an 8 hour day, is 8,000 blocks.

    1. Concrete Block Making Machine, QT9-15

      The cycle time of the automatic block forming machine is improved due to the applications of productive molding devices including a 360º rotating and compulsory raw material feeding device, the vibrating table and the compression device.

    1. Concrete Block Making Machine, QT10-15

      A double lined aero vibration proof system is applied to this concrete block making machine to alleviate the vibrating impact on the mechanical parts, allowing the machine to work quieter and for longer periods of time.

    1. Concrete Mixer

      As a twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixing machine, it is highly efficient, features a low energy consumption, high mixing power and great mixing effects. This concrete mixer works well for mixing hard concrete.

    1. Aggregate Bin

      Our aggregate storage bin is ideal for industrial and civil building projects, small and medium construction sites, and precast concrete factories, in order to produce high quality concrete products.

    1. Pallet Dispenser

      GBJ-18 pallet dispenser can straighten our disordered pallet stacks on the work shite, and then collect them individually in an automatic process. Our pallet dispenser is capable of stacking the pallets up to 1 meter high.